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6 Feb


What better way to kick off 2017 then with a glass of fresh, cold pressed organic juice- every morning? Well that’s exactly what Iv’e been doing along with my friends over at Juicero and their “Healthy Habit Reboot Challenge”. So your probably wondering what this challenge entails right? They are simple and consisted of picking one unhealthy habit to kick to the curb, and replacing it for 22 days with a glass of juice freshly pressed using the Juicero machine. Let me guess…. your dreading all the work that goes into juicing from cutting the fruits and veggies to cleaning up the horrible mess in your kitchen when your done? Well I have great news for you friends, and that is there was absolutely no mess involved because Juicero delivered weekly produce packs right to my front door. All the tedious work usually associated with juicing was already done and packed into a specially curated pack of organic fruits and veggies! How does a cold glass of pressed “Sweet Greens” sound or how about a refreshing glass of “Beta Glow” containing organic carrots, lemon, orange, and ginger giving you the perfect boost of beta carotene!

So for me I knew immedietly which unhealty habit I wanted to replace as apart of the Juicero Healthy Habit Reboot……COFFEE! This was extremely challening for me because I am a routinely religous coffee drinker. Were talking up to three cups of dark roast to keep my wired and energized throught my busy day. I knew this was going to be quite a challenge for me but I really wanted to kick off the year making strides to be a better me. Although coffee gives me the energy I need to be productive throughout the day it also leaves me gittery, dehydrated, and caffeine dependent. For my Healthy Habit Reboot my mission was to replace my morning cup of coffee with a glass of freshly pressed Juicero juice! I started my challenge on January 18th with a glass of freshly pressed “Sweet Greens” juice. I noticed that not only did I have more energy than with a normal cup of coffee, but overall I felt really great! My mood was amazing throughout the day, no gitters, no feelings of anxiousness, just a long lasting boost of energy. I continued every morning trying other produce packs like beta glow, root renewal, greens, and granate glow, and by day 5 I was more upbeat with high positive energy than Iv’e ever had before. I physically looked and felt better too!

I’m absolutely in love with my Juicero machine which has now become apart of a new healthy lifestyle for me, not to mention I love how great it looks in my kitchen! Every morning I wake up I look foward to starting my day off with a bang with my glass of freshly pressed organic juice. I’m also still amazed at how easy it is to use my Juicero press especially with the help of the Juicero app that sends me daily reminders and updates on deliveries, and expirations with my produce packs.

There’s literally no work involved and within minutes I have a refreshing glass of nutrient packed cold press juice at my fingertips. What more can I ask for! Order your Juicero and start your #HealthyHabitReboot!

Darren Wears It Well
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