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13 Dec


A n entire brunch experience where you savor every moment, every bite, and if your a mimosa fanatic like myself, certainly every sip! Now there are many brunch experiences in LA but I will tell you that there’s none quite like what you will experience at Sun Café in Studio City! If your diet is vegetarian, vegan, or even gluten free but your still a foodie at heart like myself then this is your place. It’s one of those places where you can trust the menu and there’s no pressure when you order because literally everything on the menu is divine. Take my word for it, I’ve had a chance to try many of the menu options from starters, to salads, to pizzas, and brunch of course- your taste buds will be forever grateful!  So lets go over some of the facts- the entire menu is plant based and there’s no dairy, egg, and of course no meat!  Not to mention its guilt free, prepared with organic produce, and did I say delicious? I had the pleasure of brunching at Sun Café this past Saturday and my experience was nothing short of amazing! Upon arrival I was seated by the warm fire pit and comfortable couch seating- talk about ambiance!

I started out with the seasonal mimosas (1/2 orange juice and 1/2 cranberry) and for starters I ordered the avocado toast- the best avocado toast you will ever have on warm focaccia bread and specially recommended by my server. I love being adventurous when it comes to pleasing my palate so I was definitely down to try another seasonal dish, the Denver skillet. One word- superb! I told myself that this time I was going to try the pancakes, and not just any pancakes but the “Buckwheat and Cornmeal Pancakes”! The best decision I could’ve made because they  may have been some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had! So lets cut straight to the chase and go straight to the menu and my very own photographic evidence as proof of all the goodness I just described shall we?



Special thanks to the owners Ron and Rebecca for hosting me and making sure I had an amazing brunch experience!


Darren Wears It Well
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