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7 Jan


So what happens when the two worlds of Football and Fashion collide? Let’s just say the
possibilities of style statements are quite endless. Growing up in a household where football
was a BIG DEAL, I was always decked out in my favorite team’s jersey. Being able to represent
my team while rocking my 49ers Jersey was definitely one of my very first fashion moments as a kid. Fast forward to present day, I’m so excited to be teaming up with Nike to embrace the
“Lifestyle of Football” through their Nike Football Jerseys. Who says you can’t edge things up
and trick things out when your rocking a Football Jersey? It’s the perfect chance to showcase
your own personal style and rep your favorite team at the same time.

When put to task on how I would style my Nike 49ers Jersey today, I knew just the look I was going for. I decided to pair my Nike Football jersey with a pair of slit panel distressed denim
jeans. The details of the denim added the perfect amount of edge but also paired well with the
jersey itself. I looped the red, black, and white colorway of the Jersey back into the sneakers for
an additional pop of color. For a final touch I accessorized with a gold chain, watch, and cuff,
because black and gold in fashion is always a mood.

Now, who’s ready for some Sunday football with a flare of fashion? The next time you throw on
your Nike football jersey think about pushing the limits on how you can merge your own
personal style into the mix. Or, swap out that plain t-shirt or graphic t-shirt you were planning on wearing for a Nike football jersey to shake things up a bit. Trust me, you will love the end result!

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Darren Wears It Well
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