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13 Mar


If anyone can tell you about where to find the best coffee in LA, I’m 100 percent the guy to do it. Here’s the thing, Iv’e been researching this for 5 years and finally I’m ready to spill the beans- no pun intended. Let me also stress that making this list was no easy task. There’s certain criteria that a coffee shop must meet to even be considered. If your’e a true coffee connoisseur such as myself, then an average cup of Joe just doesn’t cut it. I need the works. We’re talking, the finest coffee beans in all the land, an endless flow of steamed oat milk, and branding to compliment the brew because what’s a coffee shop without a vibe! Let’s get into it shall we?

  1. Carrera Cafe– With LA being the creative art hub that it is, it’s only right that I include Carrera Cafe on my list. Why?  They have taken latte art to new heights. Name another place where you can get your picture printed on your latte? I’ll wait. The process is quick and easy.  All you have to do is download the app and upload your favorite photo right from your phone. While your there make sure you order the Mango Salmon salad- you can thank me later!
  2. Alfred– Home of the popular slogan “But First, Coffee”, Alfred gives you style with every sip. Everything from the cups and sleeves, to the wall paper and hanging neon wall decor creates a mood like no other. Every moment, from the time you enter to the time you leave is a photo opp for the gram. The great tasting coffee is the added bonus.
  3. The Guest House– Decked off and low-key in Los Feliz, The Guest House is definitely a hidden gem. If I had to put this place into words I’d probably say something like “Coffee meets old Hollywood glam”.  What to expect? It’s like visiting a home with enhanced wood floors, a cozy covered porch, swanky side patio, full working fire place, and the best lavender latte you’ll probably ever have. The bonus- the food. Did I mention the menu full of Mediterranean inspired small plates. Who’s hungry?
  4. Coffee Dose– Witty, wordy, and way ahead of its time, Coffee Dose offers up a coffee experience that you will never forget. If referring to their coffee as “Anti-Bitch Serum” wasn’t enough, then maybe their Mary Jane Latte is just what you need to take the edge off. It’s supercharged with CBD and sure to put you on chill mode. This place really gets it. Iv’e always considered coffee my daily drug of choice, especially when I’m sipping it out of a cup that reads “So Fucking Zen”.
  5. Blue Bottle Coffee– The coffee here speaks for itself. If your craving a really great tasting cup of coffee then look no further. Perhaps the coffee taste so good because every cup is made from beans that are less than 48 hours out of the roaster. To top it off every cup is individually dripped using their signature pure over method to capture every ounce of flavor. The scene is somewhat reminiscent of a well branded chemistry lab- digital scales and Chemex equipment included!  An overall dope experience with amazing coffee.
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