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14 Nov


I’m so happy to be partnering up with online watch retailer AstonRouge to celebrate style from the perspective of “The Modern Man”. So by now your probably wondering who is the modern man? The modern man is someone who’s style not only makes a statement, but is also a true testament of versatility. The truth is that today’s modern man wears many hats. A typical day for him may start on a conference call at the office, but might end calling an uber home from the bar across town. Regardless of how his day started or ended (or what happened in between) two things are certain- he looks good, in front of anybody, anywhere.

The reality of it is that the modern man is always on the move. He’s constantly adapting to different situations and scenarios throughout his busy day. He doesn’t have time to go home for an outfit change but lives by the style mantra “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”.

This brings me to my Perry Ellis Decagon 42mm Quartz watch. Its the perfect style accessory from, the online store that specializes in lifestyle watches that make you stand out from the crowd. Aston Rouge caters to the style needs of the modern man. They specialize in helping you find a perfectly designed watch for any setting you find yourself in-whether its the boardroom or beach side resort. My Perry Ellis Decagon Quartz offers me the style versatility I need regardless of what my day brings. I can go from an early morning business meeting and afternoon errands, to an evening at a swanky hotel grand opening effortlessly. When you live the life¬† of a “modern man”, style is easy and convenient.¬† A lifestyle watch from Aston Rouge is exactly what you need.

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