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15 Sep

Shopping Certified Refurbished with ebay

So I recently explored the large selection of ebay's Certified Refurbished category while online shopping for a new pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds (after losing 2 pairs this Summer alone). As a fan of Samsung electronics I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of premium like-new products including the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Watch 3, and of course my brand new pair of Galaxy Buds. ebay guarantees that each product is professionally inspected, cleaned, and restored by the manufacturer and features brand new accessories and manuals. Not to mention every purchase is backed by an industry leading 2-year Allstate warranty plus ebay's money back guarantee. My absolute favorite part about shopping ebay's Certified Refurbished category is that all items are...
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18 Sep


Given that the mechanical watch industry was almost rendered extinct by the onslaught of quartz technology at the end of the 20th century, it’s understandable that the rise of the smartwatch is posing a bit of a concern. Can the ancient mechanical wristwatch survive another round with modern innovation?   Apple Watch Whether you are an Apple fan or not, there’s no denying that its fifth-generation watch looks like the future. It is clean and simple with blending curves, an enveloping screen, and a sensor array on the back glowing red. Talking of sensors, this thing has a few: it knows where you are, where you’re going, speed, height, heartrate, calorie burn. It can tell you what the weather’s like in New York, how...
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13 Mar


If anyone can tell you about where to find the best coffee in LA, I'm 100 percent the guy to do it. Here's the thing, Iv'e been researching this for 5 years and finally I'm ready to spill the beans- no pun intended. Let me also stress that making this list was no easy task. There's certain criteria that a coffee shop must meet to even be considered. If your'e a true coffee connoisseur such as myself, then an average cup of Joe just doesn't cut it. I need the works. We're talking, the finest coffee beans in all the land, an endless flow of steamed oat milk, and branding to compliment the brew because what's a coffee shop without...
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7 Jan


So what happens when the two worlds of Football and Fashion collide? Let’s just say the possibilities of style statements are quite endless. Growing up in a household where football was a BIG DEAL, I was always decked out in my favorite team’s jersey. Being able to represent my team while rocking my 49ers Jersey was definitely one of my very first fashion moments as a kid. Fast forward to present day, I’m so excited to be teaming up with Nike to embrace the “Lifestyle of Football” through their Nike Football Jerseys. Who says you can’t edge things up and trick things out when your rocking a Football Jersey? It’s the perfect chance to showcase your own personal style and rep your favorite team at the...
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14 Nov


I'm so happy to be partnering up with online watch retailer AstonRouge to celebrate style from the perspective of "The Modern Man". So by now your probably wondering who is the modern man? The modern man is someone who's style not only makes a statement, but is also a true testament of versatility. The truth is that today's modern man wears many hats. A typical day for him may start on a conference call at the office, but might end calling an uber home from the bar across town. Regardless of how his day started or ended (or what happened in between) two things are certain- he looks good, in front of anybody, anywhere. The reality of it is that the...
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17 Apr


Finally the warm weather is here to stay, and what better way to step into Spring then with the classic Sperry brand! Whether your spending the weekend at the beach, or headed out to sea for an ocean view sunset, Sperry has you covered for any occasion.  I love the Sperry Authentic Original Leather Boat Shoe because of its versatility, comfort, and style during the Spring and Summer. There's nothing like ditching your socks and sporting a pair of Sperry A/O's with shorts, or a rolled pants hem. We're talking effortless style with a hint of prep, and a touch of sophistication that's perfect for the warmer weather. Sperry A/O's were definitely a staple piece in my closet during college. I...
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19 Nov


I'm so excited to be teaming up with Reebok for their new Reebok Sole Fury #SplitFrom campaign. This campaign is so special because we're celebrating those who have #SplitFrom the pack by defying convention. A celebration of straying away from how things are "usually" done and instead doing them your own unique way. In honor of the launch of the new Sole Fury sneaker, Reebok has asked me to share my own story of how I defied convention and #SplitFrom the pack. This topic is so important to me because I'm a firm believer of moving to the beat of my own drum and not following societal norms. My journey as an influencer is the biggest example of how I defied...
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17 Nov


What better way to start the night off then with a toast over a glass of Rośe from Wines of Provence? Fun fact- Provence is the official birthplace of Rośe, with over 90 percent of its capacity devoted to Rosé alone. Provence is actually the very first wine region of France. Tucked away in the southern region, It is known for its laid back- yet stylish culture and its true embrace of the art of life. When I drink my Wines of Provence Rośe I’m essentially channeling some of the regions stylish culture right here to the US. Just because summer has officially come and gone, doesn’t mean that Rośe has to go with it. Wines of Provence Rośe is the...
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