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17 Nov


What better way to start the night off then with a toast over a glass of Rośe from Wines of Provence? Fun fact- Provence is the official birthplace of Rośe, with over 90 percent of its capacity devoted to Rosé alone. Provence is actually the very first wine region of France. Tucked away in the southern region, It is known for its laid back- yet stylish culture and its true embrace of the art of life. When I drink my Wines of Provence Rośe I’m essentially channeling some of the regions stylish culture right here to the US. Just because summer has officially come and gone, doesn’t mean that Rośe has to go with it. Wines of Provence Rośe is the gold standard of Rośe and is perfect for any occasion! Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, rooftop dinner party, or even a wedding, it’s all about sharing it with people you love the Provençal way!

Wines of Provence Rośe is perfect for people like myself who don’t like sugary wines. The rośe instead is dry with hints of citrus, exotic fruit, white fruit, yellow fruit, berries, floral notes, and spices. So as my friends and prepare for a stylish night out on the town, I’m pouring Wines of Provence Rośe. After all, the only way to start the night off right is to be sipping on the gold standard. My friends and I cheers to living in the moment, success in the future, and keeping life light- the Provençal way!

So for your next special occasion with loved ones make sure you head over to Wines of Provence for a few bottles of the gold standard of Rośe! Most importantly-be sure to always drink responsibly.

Darren Wears It Well
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