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11 Dec


Sponsored by Zappos.

Spending the season in style with my friends at Zappos and Ugg Men’s! With the holidays in full swing it’s time to create special memories with family and friends. My Ugg “Maksim” boots make the perfect fashion statement by blending function, technology, and style.

Whether I’m at home visiting family and friends in Maryland for the holidays, or running errands around Los Angeles I get so many compliments on my Ugg “Maksim” boots. I’m very big on neutral colors around this time so my Ugg “Maksim” boots in tamarind are the perfect addition to my wardrobe. They pair perfectly with denim jeans and my earth tone shirts and sweaters, especially when layered with a stylish jacket.

On the flip side, I’m such a homebody around this time of year! Even when I’m away visiting family and friends my favorite times are lounging around the house. That’s exactly why I’m so in love with my new Ugg “Scuff” slippers. As soon as I get home the first thing I do is put them on. Whether I’m helping my mom cook dinner, or being lazy on the couch in my pajamas, I’m always stylish. Not to mention my friends at Zappos made my purchasing experience so enjoyable with their stellar customer service, fast shipping, and convenient return policy.

Make sure you check out the amazing Ugg Men’s selection at for all your last minute gift ideas for the holidays!

Darren Wears It Well
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