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19 Nov


I’m so excited to be teaming up with Reebok for their new Reebok Sole Fury #SplitFrom campaign. This campaign is so special because we’re celebrating those who have #SplitFrom the pack by defying convention. A celebration of straying away from how things are “usually” done and instead doing them your own unique way. In honor of the launch of the new Sole Fury sneaker, Reebok has asked me to share my own story of how I defied convention and #SplitFrom the pack. This topic is so important to me because I’m a firm believer of moving to the beat of my own drum and not following societal norms.

My journey as an influencer is the biggest example of how I defied what is considered normal and #SplitFrom the pack and defied convention. We all dream of quitting our day jobs and being our own boss and for me this is a dream that I have fought to make a reality. Ditching my career as a full time pharmacist to focus solely on being a creative as a “social media influencer” isn’t always something that society deems as ideal. I typically get the same questions like “so you went through six years of schooling and earned a doctorate degree and your just going to throw it all away?” Well the answer to that is quite simple- YES. Iv’e discovered something else that I’m really good at, that also makes me happy- not to mention pays me well. Sometimes in life you end up taking an unexpected alternate path towards success and happiness. EMBRACE IT. BE PROUD OF IT, and know that it’s okay to do things different.

So in honor of the launch of Rebook’s new Sole Fury sneaker I challenge you to always be daring and empowered, never afraid to defy convention. Make sure to head over to Champs to purchase the new Reebok Sole Fury sneaker and feel free to share your own #SplitFrom story below!

Darren Wears It Well
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