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15 Mar


With Spring right around the corner its time to spruce up your wardrobe! Out with the old and in with whats new, fresh and stylish! If your anything like me- when it comes to style then your a bit of a rebel, meaning you like to create the trends and not hop on the trend band wagon. After all, style is about individuality and creativity so if something looks and feels right to you- go with it! For me Spring is exciting because I can finally stash my heavy coats and layers and simplify things down to t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers- showcasing my individual style through staple pieces and accessories. Sometimes making this style transition from season to season can be quite the task. Think about it, your basically deciding the entire tone and layout of your wardrobe for the upcoming season which is pretty major! This brings me to my exciting collaboration with my friends over at Jord Watches, a luxury wood watch company that puts an artistically exciting spin on the design of the “modern timepiece”. When it comes to the modern timepiece it should not only tell time, but she also tell a story of style. Lets face it,  a unique watch actually tells a story of a thousand words about one’s personality and attention to detail. Wanna know if someone has swag? Look at their watch!

Jord’s uniquely crated wood watches are the perfect Spring Style Statement that will definitely set you apart from the crowd. I’m a firm believer that style should always spark conversation. When I’m wearing my Jord “Olive & Acacia” wood watch I get tons of compliments. Lets be honest, its not everyday that you see someone wearing a wood watch- not to mention the level of craftsmanship put into the design is flat out amazing. It truly speaks style!

If your ready to make a Spring Style Statement click here to head over to Jord to view the entire collection!  Also get the “Olive and Acacia” watch I’m wearing in this post by clicking here.

Luxury Wooden Watch

Darren Wears It Well
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