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27 Apr


I’m super excited to be apart of La Roche Posay’s 2017 #BeClearBootCamp Campaign! I recently had the pleasure of traveling to New York to join the brand along with a handful of other amazing influencers for the official Campaign kick off! Our mission while in NYC was simple- to target an issue that nearly everyone has suffered from at least once in their life- ACNE! We spent 2 days with Dermatologist and renowned skincare expert Dr. Tamara Lazic creating amazing and informative content, through a series of amazing Q&A videos breaking down the truth about acne and treatment. We also had the opportunity to tour the official Loreal skincare labs to get an inside glimpse of formula development  for La Roche and other Loreal products.

I loved my room at Hotel Americano tucked away in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood

View from the Loreal Headquarters in NYC

The event wasn’t all work either, we had so much fun! I enjoyed meeting all the other influencers who were all uniquely cool and different. Being able to be amongst your peers and share knowledge and experiences is one of the coolest feelings ever. The experience was filled with good food, good drinks,  and a great amount of fun and laughter. Not to mention we had the opportunity to get a tour of the official Youtube space in New York!

Being a brand ambassador for La Roche Posay was a no brainer for me because I have been using the skincare line for years now. Years ago my dermatologist recommended La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Matte Moisturizer as a go to non-oily moisturizer for the summer. It worked so well that I tried the facial cleansing products by La Roche as well, and soon everyone was commenting me on how amazing my skin looked.

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  • Joseph Maalouf

    What a lovely experience! Love the past!

    April 28, 2017 at 8:41 am