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27 Sep


People always ask me, “What do you do?” I’d love to tell people that I just get clothes sent to me, take dope pictures on Instagram, and live the life of an LA socialite. Although this is true, it takes a lot of behind the scenes hard work to pull it all off. I started off my adult life following what I thought was the blueprint to living a successful life. I went to school, earned my Doctorate degree in Pharmacy (yes I’m a doctor), and dove straight into that good ole’ 9-5 lifestyle. Then I realized I hated it. I also realized that I could live a successful life on my own terms. Fast forward to this very moment of sitting in an LA coffee shop as I’m writing this blog. I’m a successful fashion,lifestyle, and travel influencer that lives life by my own rules.

Reflecting on this year alone, Iv’e been so busy with so many amazing opportunities. From being flown to NYC as a brand ambassador with L’Oreal and French skincare line La Roche Posay, to speaking at a Influencer Marketing Conference at Microsoft Headquarters, to shooting summer campaigns with brands like Patron, Cartier, Express, and Emporio Armani– my brand has definitely taken off. I can honestly say Iv’e seen a lot of personal and career success since I’ve started this journey, and I’m becoming more knowledgable everyday.

Here are 5 things that motivate me as an entrepreneur:

Freedom– Being able to set my own hours, work from literally wherever, and using my time to best benefit me and my business.

Happiness– Being genuinely happy, and being apart of a community of people that love what we do everyday.

Fufillment– Not feeling limited while knowing that I am living at my fullest potential. Also no longer having to wonder “what if” about being my own boss and owning my own business.

Legacy– As a business owner I have full control over the impact that I make within my industry. All of my hard work will be credited to my business and not someone else’s…..this is such a great feeling!

Money– Financial Freedom…. No ceiling cap on how much money I can generate from my own business. The harder I work the more direct results I see!

Create the life you want to live. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and always follow your heart.

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