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Author: Darren Wears It Well

26 Jul


I figured Sunday brunch was the perfect time to wear my new green Kimono from Asos! There’s an amazing cafe here in Studio City named Aroma and the food and ambiance is out of this world. If your ever in LA this place is a must try! Get the salmon salad with extra capers and you wont be disappointed....
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18 Jul


Everyone has gone mad for monochrome-including me! Particularly black and white stripes contrasted with neutral colors! I’ve always had an infatuation with stripes and actually had to stop myself from wearing them. Growing up that's literally all I wore, so for this look I felt like a kid all over again. I guess I must be really into green because it was my contrast color of choice when planning this look. I figured this was the perfect playful street-wear ensemble for Saturday brunch with friends at LA staple Toca Madera....
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