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Author: Darren Wears It Well

29 Jun


Lets discuss Summer in all its glory. Were talking beach days, road trips, day parties galore, and we cant leave out a good ole' summer bbq! For me, Summer is all about being ready for whatever the wind blows my way, especially when it comes to style. It's about having style that is effortless and comfortable, but still stylishly chic. Keep in mind that the idea is to always dress for the occasion, so finding a look for whatever Summer brings your way is definitely always the goal. This Summer Express has me covered for all my style adventures. I'm so happy to be partnering with them for their Hello Summer Campaign showcasing how I style my Express Summer looks!...
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30 May


So I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, you know my normal LA day to day. I finally found the time to sit down and write my recap of my amazing experience after trying to play catch up on life. Overall Thailand was amazing and I'm so glad that I was able to really soak in the culture and people for 2 entire weeks! My trip didn't quite start out as expected. Chalk that up to a 6 hour delayed flight which caused me to miss my connecting flight in Beijing by an entire day. I finally arrived in Bangkok only to realize that my luggage was withheld by security because of the battery pack inside of it. So...
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27 Apr


I'm super excited to be apart of La Roche Posay's 2017 #BeClearBootCamp Campaign! I recently had the pleasure of traveling to New York to join the brand along with a handful of other amazing influencers for the official Campaign kick off! Our mission while in NYC was simple- to target an issue that nearly everyone has suffered from at least once in their life- ACNE! We spent 2 days with Dermatologist and renowned skincare expert Dr. Tamara Lazic creating amazing and informative content, through a series of amazing Q&A videos breaking down the truth about acne and treatment. We also had the opportunity to tour the official Loreal skincare labs to get an inside glimpse of formula development  for La...
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15 Mar


With Spring right around the corner its time to spruce up your wardrobe! Out with the old and in with whats new, fresh and stylish! If your anything like me- when it comes to style then your a bit of a rebel, meaning you like to create the trends and not hop on the trend band wagon. After all, style is about individuality and creativity so if something looks and feels right to you- go with it! For me Spring is exciting because I can finally stash my heavy coats and layers and simplify things down to t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers- showcasing my individual style through staple pieces and accessories. Sometimes making this style transition from season to season can...
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6 Feb


What better way to kick off 2017 then with a glass of fresh, cold pressed organic juice- every morning? Well that's exactly what Iv'e been doing along with my friends over at Juicero and their "Healthy Habit Reboot Challenge". So your probably wondering what this challenge entails right? They are simple and consisted of picking one unhealthy habit to kick to the curb, and replacing it for 22 days with a glass of juice freshly pressed using the Juicero machine. Let me guess...
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13 Dec


An entire brunch experience where you savor every moment, every bite, and if your a mimosa fanatic like myself, certainly every sip! Now there are many brunch experiences in LA but I will tell you that there's none quite like what you will experience at Sun Café in Studio City! If your diet is vegetarian, vegan, or even gluten free but your still a foodie at heart like myself then this is your place....
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10 Dec


So it’s my favorite time of year and just like everyone else I’m scrambling trying to figure out the perfect gifts to buy my family and friends! With me being a style influencer all of my loved ones are looking forward to getting something well…stylish of course! Its safe to say that my eyes have been on the look out for this seasons hottest style trends both online and in stores. I always want to make sure my gifts are put to good use so I like to give gifts that my family and friends will be able to wear all the time! ...
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8 Nov


o the KENZO x H&M collaboration launched last week and for the first time I was able to get all the pieces that I wanted. Shout out to the H&M in Glendale for the amazing VIP experience that I had! No waking up in the wee hours of the morning, no standing in a long line in the cold, no fighting over the last jacket on the rack, no disappointment- just feelings of blissful victory!...
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25 Oct


Wow what a weekend! As I start off my week, I must say I am more inspired than ever. Why? Well, I was lucky to be one of the many bloggers in attendance for part of the International Style Institute's 3 day content creation course here in LA! The entire weekend was filled with gems of wisdom on topics like branding yourself on social media, monetizing your content, fashion and food photography, and blogging in a competitive industry. ...
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