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3 Aug


I recently decided to put 100% into finally achieving clear healthy looking skin. I have never struggled horribly with acne but I have never been completely satisfied with the appearance of my skin. Whether its small breakouts, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, or dullness and dryness, I always knew that my skin could look better. After really putting the energy (and money) into getting that healthy- well hydrated fresh faced look, I can finally say I am well on my way to reaching my goal. Although I use numerous products, there are only a few that I use everyday as apart of my normal skin care routine. I also go every 4 weeks to get laser hair removal on my neck and face to eliminate ingrown hairs.

I wanted to review the products that I use for you guys out there who desire to have healthier looking skin like myself- so here we go!

Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser ($13 at Walgreens)


So this Foaming facial cleanser by Cerave is my go to daily face wash. I use it every morning and before I go to bed to gently cleanse my face from everything my skin has come in contact with throughout the day. Its extremely mild and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub ($12 at Whole Foods)


This little tube of magic is what I use to exfoliate my skin every other day. I actually started using this  the scrub by Acure after perusing around Whole Foods in search of a good natural exfoliant. It contains both chorella growth factor and algae stem cells that both serve as a deep exfoliant and brightener.

PanOxyl 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Foaming Wash ($12 at Walgreens)


I use this PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide based foaming wash when I have breakouts. I usually apply it with a little scrub brush to really get deep into my pores to target any bacteria that may be lingering around the breakout area. It really works!

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System ($22 at Walgreens)


I use this little guy roughly once a week and it really works great at tightening my pores and giving my  skin a solid deep cleaning. It really help to remove dead skin from my skins surface and not to mention has an amazing massage feeling. Refills for the attachment pads are sold at most drug stores for around 12 bucks- cant beat it!



LaRoche-Posay Effaclar Mat Oil Free Moisturizer ($32 at Walgreens)


This French made moisturizer is simply the best out there! My dermatologist recommended it to me because I tend to have oily skin and most moisturizers only made this worst. The LaRoche-Posay Effaclar Mat moisturizer leaves my skin with a light matte glow finish and although its on the pricey side its well worth it! When I went to Italy in April I stocked up on it because it sold for 15 bucks over there! I apply this every morning after I wash my face.

Neosporin Antibiotic Ointment ($7 at local drug store)


I apply a very thin layer of this before I apply my daily Effaclar moisturizer maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

Vaseline with Cocoa Butter ($4 at Walgreens)


Here’s a little secret- I apply a thin layer of this after washing my face every night right before bed. Not only does it hydrate and soften my skin while I sleep but it also helps to clear away acne scars.


So there it is- my complete clear skin regimen! Comment and tell me about your favorite products that you use, I would love to know!

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